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Smith Fastener Co, Inc. uses coatings manufactured by the Whitford Corporation. Whitford has been a leader for many years in the development of fluoropolymer coatings.  Specializing in the development and manufacture of coatings, Whitford Corporation makes Xylan 1424, our standard coating for fasteners.  Xylan 1424 is a waterborne / VOC compliant, resin bonded, thermally cured single film dry lubricant.  Its primary use is to provide corrosion prevention while facilitating makeup torque for fasteners.  It features an operating temperature range for continuous services ranges from -40° F (-40° C) to +360° F (+180° C) and can survive up to +450° F (+232° C) intermittently.  You can find technical data on the 1424 series on the Whitford Corporation’s website at www.whitfordww.com.

Fluoropolymer coatings have the lowest coefficient of friction of all known fastener coatings.  This requires that “makeup torque” specifications be adjusted to compensate.  30% to 70% reductions of makeup torque are typical.  To achieve optimum tightening torque, research and testing are essential.  You’ll find information and assistance in establishing recommended torque values at the whitford website (www.whitfordww.com).

Please see the chart below for Xylan 1424 chemical resistance features.  Xylan 1424 is available in many industrial colors and Smith Fastener Co, Inc. will be happy to coat sample parts for testing and evaluation.

With our focus on quality and the amazing protection provided by Xylan 1424, Smith Fastener Co, Inc. has been able to provide fasteners to varying customers from coast to coast throughout the United States, Europe, South Africa, Kuwait and Canada.

1424 Chemical Resistance

Changes in 1424 after 24 hrs exposure

HCI (concentrated ) @room temp. None
HCI (pH 2) @room temp. None
HCI (pH 2) 125° F None
NaOH (50%) room temp. None
NaOH (12.5) room temp. None
NaOH (pH 9.5) 125° F None
MEK room temp. Slight Mark
Toluene room Temp. Slight Mark
Castrol Hydraulic Fluid 200° F Gloss decrease: 25.6 to 24.1.
Oceanic HK-540 200° F No loss in coating integrity. Gloss decrease: 29.9 to 10.3. Color lightened slightly. No loss in coating integrity.

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