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Smith Fastener Co, Inc. was founded in 1965 when W.J. Smith purchased the ZIM Supply Company and began to transform a general mine and mill supply house into what is now a complete fastener distribution center. Fifty years later and into the third generation, we have become a very significant fastener supplier in the regional markets of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Virginia and Kentucky.

We have been fortunate to experience growth over the past several years and reinvested to build our new 80,000 square foot warehouse and office in South Charleston, WV.   We moved into our new facility in October, 2014.  In 2013 we opened operations in Franklin, PA and Longview, TX. Our Pennsylvania warehouse/office has 13,000 square feet and the Texas warehouse/office has 15,000 square feet. Both facilities are staffed with highly qualified and talented people.

Our machine shop continues to grow with the addition of new CNC lathes and complimentary pieces of equipment that let us produce “parts to print” and customized fastener items critical to our customers many needs. Our coating shop has been upgraded and continues to xylan coat fasteners for a variety of industries.

All three facilities have stud fabrication capabilities with threaded bar inventories and alloy nuts of various grades. We produce in-house tap end studs, double end studs and combo studs.

We are extremely proud of our operations and hope all customers will have the opportunity to visit us.  If not, we hope our website will provide the walk-through visit until you have a chance to come in.

 Smith Fastener Co, Inc. headquarters is in South Charleston, WV – Top Banner Picture

As our ‘home base’, our So. Charleston site is a complete fastener specialty house, hosting stud fabrication, machine shop production and our Xylan Coating Shop.  So. Charleston is also our corporate office.  In October 2014, we moved into this new facility that features approximately 80,000 square feet of space, giving us the room necessary to extend our reach and maintain our traditional quick turnaround on order processing.


Smith Fastener Co, Inc. is in Franklin, Pennsylvania

With additional warehouse and office space as well as stud fabrication facilities, the Smith Fastener Co, Inc. facility in Franklin, PA has expanded our abilities and reduced shipping time for Northeastern clients.  We continue to see new opportunities throughout a variety of industries as a result of our presence in Franklin and look forward to developing even more relationships with local businesses, suppliers and future customers.


Smith Fastener Co, Inc. is in Longview, Texas

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Our Longview, Texas facility features both office and warehouse space, enabling us to extend our warehousing services while retaining a well-stocked inventory of most-needed materials for production.  Longview represents a strategic introduction to new fastener services and stud fabrication markets, while placing Smith Fastener Co, Inc. in a position to deliver impressive service to Southwestern clients, utilizing our own truck fleet as well as UPS, UPS Next Day and FedEx, plus commercial carriers.


Fasteners for Industry…Coatings to Make Them Last

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